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Graduate Capstone Procedure

Graduate Program Portfolio. This option requires documentation of the specific competencies which the specific program requires, the level of competency which has been acquired, a comprehensive description of how each specific competency was acquired, and an assessment of the program through which these competencies were acquired. The candidate is not required to enroll in any additional hours of academic credit; no additional fee is charged for the capstone experience. The Examining Committee will consist of the Graduate Program Adviser and two other faculty members. A representative of the local school district could also be a member with permission from the advisor.

Procedure for capstone

The portfolio should be built around the ISTE standards for educators. Use any tool you like.

Here are some examples (old standards):

There should be at least 3 or more artifacts per standard.
Each standard should have a general reflection.
Each artifact should have a reflection.
Artifact should only be used once.


  • Throughout the program - Begin gathering and organizing artifacts, begin building eportfolio
  • 2/3 way thorough last semester (about April 1 or November 1)
    • have your committee members chosen, ask two other professors or professionals besides Dr. Pownell (if not professors, contact Dr. Pownell for approval)
    • send draft of eportfolio to Dr. Pownell
    • contact committee and confirm a defense in last few weeks of last semester
  • Two weeks before defense - send final version of eportfolio to committee

You find a common time for the committee, and I'll find a location.
CC me on all emails to committee members.

At your presentation:
Meet at the location at least 15 minutes early to check technology, there will be a computer and projector
Give a presentation of about 20-30 minutes addressing the standards and how you met those standards