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Alternative Presentation Tools
Presentation Dos and Don'ts
Do have good content (most important thing)
Do know your content well (don't use notecards if you can help it)
Do know your audience
Do tell a story
Do use images to represent your ideas
Do use humor (appropriately)
Don't mimic your words in your presentation
Don't use lots of text

Online Presentation Tools

Zoho Show -
Prezi - free and paid versions
Forget PowerPoint: 13 Online Presentation Apps

Use short web videos to support your topic

Photo slideshows
Voicethread - example
Use your pictures on your computer - iPhoto example "Illusions"
Use Flickr galleries of yours and others' pictures - example
Animoto - easy to create slideshows - example

Other Software
Google - tours around locations
iTunes - for presentations based on audio (music, speeches)
Notebook software - podcasting example
Create web pages - simple website and hosting - example

Other Web Apps
Blogs - example
Wikis - example