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1.       Discuss Simple Machines – types, classes, uses

Video -
Simple Machines for Kids

2.       Lego Simple Machines Kits – I will plan to use them just about as they are. After each, we will ask them to identify the simple machine or machines involved.

Do in groups of 4
a.       Car Launchers – Early Level Kits (Blue box #9656)

b.       Spinning Tops – Early Level Kits (Blue box #9656)

Do in groups of 2
       Catapult “C” – Primary Level Kits (White box #9689)

d.       Crazy Floors “D” – Primary Level Kits (White box #9689)

3.       Show some videos of Rube Goldberg designs

4.       Have them design a Rube Goldberg that contains at least three types of simple machines and build it. Five bonus points for a fourth machine.