Comic Life OS App

I’ve used a couple of different comic creation websites previously, but this was the first time I’ve used a downloaded app and the experience was very different in a positive fashion.

Here’s the Comic Life Website to get started and here’s what I created and exported to a PDF:  Comic Life App Comic.

The app has templates in seven styles:  certificates, creative, education, how-to, life stories, single panels, and classic for a total of 64 templates.  Once a template is selected, there are additional options for template pages and panel layouts.

There are 15 different caption options and all the color options that Mac has available along with pages of font options.

As soon as I opened the app, I immediately started creating my cartoon without any tutorials because the app layout is highly intuitive.

There are many ways to use cartoons/comics in the classroom.  They can be used to improve reading, writing, conversation, and social skills.  They can also be used to improve emotional, life, and conflict management skills.

Teachers and students alike can create their own effective comics for learning and some may even create the more advanced graphic novel.

While I’ve never been a fan of graphic novels it can be a useful tool in supporting reading and comprehension improvement for struggling adolescent students because graphic novels can provide the “non-verbal” cues through the visual content.

Now I’m going to go finish the graphic novel, Watchmen.

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