iMeme is an OS app to create memes using over 100 built in images and built in header and footer options.  I’m not a super creative person, but this app made it easy to match a photo with a fun quote:

Memes can be powerful and have had quite the influence on language and culture.  Context is king in the creation and understanding of an effective meme.  They take only a few minutes to create and can be understood and enjoyed in mere seconds and can spread like wildfire on social media when they are impactful.

Students can quickly relate and respond to a complex idea by looking at one meme instead of relying on reading through and understanding lengthy text.

For a teacher, memes can be an effective tool to introduce learners to a topic and to entice them to learn more.  Memes can also be used in the classroom to develop critical thinking skills by supplying a partial theme and asking students to complete it.  Teachers can even use memes to highlight rules of the classroom in a way that is fun and memorable.

Finally, students can create their own memes to display their understanding of a subject that they’ve been studying.

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