PodBean for Audio Podcast

Making an audio podcast with the PodBean app was seriously too easy and the online site has both a free and paid version.

It took me about 7 minutes to make this 3.5 minute audio podcast:

Kiyomi’s Books of 2017

The iOS app allowed me to quickly start recording, to pause the recording, and to edit the recording before finalizing the product.  When I would make an error, I could pause the recording, trim out the error, and then continue to record.  The app was intuitive and I felt I mastered most of the options within a couple of minutes of using the app.  With the free option, there is a max recording of 90 minutes per podcast.

The app allows for quick sharing on social media or an option to download the podcast in an M4A format.

This is a useful tool for teachers to quickly capture and share their learning concepts with their students and other important messages for family members.  In our busy world, being able to listen to podcasts while riding on a bus or in a car, while exercising or doing chores, can make learning more convenient while allowing learners to listen to the podcast multiple times.

Students can also use this tool to share their learning with other students, family members, and teachers.

Of all the tools I have used this semester, this was the most intuitive and allowing for a quality product with minimal effort.

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