SeeSaw App – Online Learning Journal

This was my first time working with the SeeSaw learning journal and found it intuitive to work in with a myriad of multimedia options.  The site provides several video tutorials to help teachers get started which includes a 30 minute interactive course.  SeeSaw is described as a “Facebook” like interface for student’s work and it has built in functionalities to communicate with students and families separately.

I’ve uploaded an announcement, a link to an Emotional Intelligence test, and a YouTube video to listen to the audio version of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence book.  I have three students listed as part of the class, David Pownell, Joanie Smith, and Steven Johnson.

To gain access to the class page, please use the QR code below:

Students can also sign in using a text code, but for security reasons, these codes are good for only 60 minutes.

I consider these types of websites useful in quickly communicating with students and families about upcoming class activities and assignments.  I also believe this type of website is an effective way to have students share their work.

There is a unique functionality I have not seen in other similar websites – the ability to identify skill goals and tag students’ work as having demonstrated a specific skill along with a star rating.  This can make it convenient for students, teachers, and families to recognize the development of the student in specific skill areas.

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