I’ve never created an interactive map before and had some fun with ScribbleMaps.  I was born on the island of Okinawa and thought it would be interesting to see what movies have been set on the island.  I was surprised to find twelve movies, three of which were Godzilla-type movies.  I’ve seen The Karate Kid Part II, Kill Bill:  Volume 1, and Tomorrow Never Dies.  The most recent movie is Hacksaw Ridge which I am now excited to see after having done research for this project.

Movies set in Okinawa

While I was able to quickly start creating a map, I fumbled a few times as I was trying to add markers to the map such as effectively using the tool menu.  While this site can create a beautiful map, I believe one would need to have some web savvy in order to take advantage of all of the available tools and I could see someone who is inexperienced getting frustrated while trying to learn the functionalities built into this site.

Even though it’s not fully intuitive, this site can be an effective learning tool for both teachers and students.  Teachers can create learning lessons via this interactive map and students can show their learnings visually through this tool.

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