Time Toast – Timeline Creator

I’ve always enjoyed looking at timelines and find it an effective tool for learning but I’ve never created one myself.

The TimeToast website is a free and intuitive website for creating timelines of your choosing or you can search for timelines that others have created.

I decided to create a timeline to look at the top ten grossing movies when adjusted for inflation.  I was shocked to learn that the newest movie on the list was from 1997 which was Titanic that grossed over a billion dollars when adjusted for inflation.  When I hear these huge dollar amounts that current blockbusters bring in, I thought for sure there would be a movie from this century.

Top Ten Grossing Movies Adjusted for Inflation

This site allows the uploading of pictures along with hyperlinks for each item on the timeline.  There are also two different styles one can select to view the timeline – timeline view or list view.  The list view shows all the notes included in the timeline item along with easy access to any links, but, unfortunately, it includes ads between the items on the timeline.

I see this tool as useful to both teachers and students.  Teachers can create timelines to help students learn through visualization and students an create timelines from research to help solidify their learning.

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