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I’ve used Haiku Deck before but they have added Zuru which is an Artificial Intelligence platform that makes it almost too easy to create presentations from pre-made material such as a PowerPoint, Wikipedia site, or an outline.

Because I’m half Okinawan, I’ve always been interested in my Okinawan heritage and especially the similarities and differences between the Okinawan and Japanese culture and language.

My mother was trilingual, she spoke Okinawan, Japanese, and English so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the Okinawan language and there happened to be a Wikipedia page on just that subject so I was able to share the Wiki URL on Zuru and a presentation was seemingly magically created with subject slides included.

I had the opportunity to make any changes to the content that I wanted, but I didn’t so you could see exactly how the Wiki page was directly transferred into a presentation.  Zuru gave me the opportunity to add pictures to each slide and I was provided many relevant picture choices based on specific word searches for each individual slide.

Here’s the Zuru presentation I created from Wikipedia material:  Okinawan Language

Haiku Decks can be viewed via URL or the deck can be downloaded directly to your computer as an editable or un-editable PowerPoint, or as a PDF.  The decks can be made public, restricted (direct link required to view), or private (the deck is only visible to the creator).

As a teacher, I would use this as a time-saving way to create a visually attractive presentation from content that can be found on Wikipedia, to update an old PowerPoint, or to bring a learning outline quickly to life.

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