AddPoll for Polls, Surveys, Forms, and Quizzes

AddPoll is a versatile and easy to use website to develop polls, surveys, forms, and quizzes.  I was impressed with the different templates that were available for each type.

This is the first site I’ve worked in that has a “forms” option.  I’m thinking about using this site to develop on-site consent forms for research participants if I decide to do an action research project as my Capstone Experience.  I can see this also being valuable for a person who has a website and wants to capture information about the visitors to the website or to allow visitors to submit questions.

For today’s product, I decided to create a 20-question quiz based on US Government and History topics:

Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

When someone takes this test, I receive an email notification of a new completion of the test.  The website dashboard gives me detailed information regarding each test completion.  I can see how each question was answered and can export the results to PDF, Excel, or Word.






This is a great tool for a teacher to survey or assess students at the convenience of the student or to get quick poll responses in the classroom.  I’ll definitely be using this tool in the future.

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