StoryJumper – Recipe Book

This was the first time I have used StoryJumper and was very pleased with how user-friendly the site was.  To begin, you are offered a video that shows you how to use all of the available tools.  When you’ve completed your book, you can make it available to view online or printable with a nominal charge.  I was impressed with the number of books that were viewable to the public and you also have the choice of keeping your book private with access by a hyperlink only.

Here is a juice recipe book I created:

I liked the ability to bring in my own photos that I found on the web labeled for noncommercial use and the site had several background options to dress up the book.  There are also several font and color options to personalize your book.

This tool can be used by both teachers and students to create lots of different reading products.  I imagine a teacher could create lessons through stories using this tool and again, the book can be either in soft copy or hardcopy.  Students can use this tool to depict what they’ve learned or it can be used to  let their creative (or even technical) writing capabilities come to life.  As a child, I would have loved to have created a book and to get a hard copy to keep.

This tool is easy and fun to use!

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