WordArt Word Clouds

I tried to used Tagxedo to create a word cloud, but because I don’t have the Silverlight plug-in, it didn’t work for me.  However, I found another website, https://wordart.com and created this Leadership word cloud:  https://wordart.com/o4z8w63zi4km/leadership from the this website:  http://briandownard.com/leadership-skills-list/.

There are several personalization capabilities built into this website:

Words:  Type in the words manually, import words from a spreadsheet or from a website.  Decide whether the words show up once or multiple times.  I typed in the words manually and elected for individual words to show up only one time in the word cloud.

Shapes:  Select from many different shapes available on the website or add an image of your own in which the words will reside.  I chose the built-in “globe” image.

Fonts:  Choose from several fonts or add your own font.  I selected the built-in BPreplay Italic font.

Layout:  Choose the direction and placement of the words in your word cloud.  I chose for the words to show up in a “positive slope.”

Colors & Animation:  Select the color(s) of the words and personalize how words will be highlighted when scrolled over.  When you scroll over a word in my word cloud, you’ll see it enlarge in a pink box with green lettering.

This website is fairly user friendly . . . just remember to press the “Visualize” buttton to see your word cloud and after your edits in order for changes to take effect.

This tool is a way to show words that are connected with an idea and can help identify words that are listed most often on a webpage.  Word clouds can help to create a visceral impact that may not happen when staring at a page of text. Word clouds can also help quickly identify themes and can be an interesting way to start a conversation around a particular topic.

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