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Mobile Learning using iPads- Web Quest using Zunal

Our school continues to move forward with deploying the use of more and more iPads.  It is the districts goal to eventually have one iPad for every student.  Currently, I infrequently use iPads because they are issued to the math department. However, this coming fall I will have use of an Apple TV, a team iPad cart and a Mac Book!  I am excited to use these Apple Products together to create web based lessons.

There is less time wasted with iPads because students don’t have to wait for their settings to load.

I created a web quest using Zunal.com. Teachers can create one free web quest by creating a user profile and an email address. The interface is very user friendly.  Teachers have 7 pages to create within one web quest: A Welcome, Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, and Teacher Page.  I spent the most time creating a “task” page that would guide students through the information I wanted them to collect online.  I might add that it was very simple to add media or groups of links to the pages.  Just like WordPress, uploading a video was as easy as pasting in a YouTube link.

I created a web quest for my upcoming engineering project.  Students in my class have been studying how energy transfers from particle to particle through collisions.  This is called conduction.

This web quest will require students to research how Native Americans and Frontiersman survived cold winters on the plains in homes they built with natural materials.

After the web quest, students will be asked to build homes for an ice cube that will insulate the ice cube and reduce energy transfer.  They will be required to used 75% reusable materials or natural materials in their structure.  They will compete for the longest period of time their ice cube remains solid.

This is a link in which to read my web quest.



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