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Posted in Uncategorized by Alex on the March 19, 2018

Technologies in the classroom are constantly advancing. As teachers, sometimes it is hard to keep up when there is some new technology coming out what seems like every day. As a future teacher though, I want to include as much technology as I can into my classroom.

With everything changing, people start to learn differently. Some students may learn best by sitting and taking notes and listening to a lecture. Now though, most people learn better by doing things. And yes, hands-on, concrete activities may help some people learn but doing an activity on a computer or using some other types of technology gives a lot of people that same experience. An example is a game that students could play to help them learn. Students would play this game to advance their learning skills, and may even remember it better since it was a fun activity.

There are multiple advantages to using technology in your classroom. FIrst, technology could speed up time it takes to teach something. Instead of writing on a whiteboard, you could create a powerpoint or flipchart that can show your lesson. This way you can save it to your computer and have it for future use. You will not have to write all of your notes out on the board every time you go to teach the lesson. Technology also makes it easier for the previous mentioned reason. Students today are also learning technologies easier. If you incorporate technology into your lessons, your students will not only be more interested into your lessons but may have better knowledge than you do on the technologies and will be able to teach you.

There are a few disadvantages to using technology in your classroom though. Sometimes, your technology does not always work. With a lot of technologies, you need the internet to help you. It is always good to have a back up plan in this case. While working as a para, there was one day that the internet was out for the whole school. I was put into two different classroom. In one classroom, the teacher had planned to show a movie to the kids that had to do with the theme for the day. Instead, she grabbed the worksheets she had for the next day and had them do those instead. In the other class though, the teacher had no back up plan. The students were supposed to do testing on their iPads and then do a yoga video with the whole class. They were not able to do any of that, so she tried to teach on the board instead but the students were not focused at all.

Overall, I feel like if you are prepared for the worst, technology can be a great asset to any classroom. The use of technology better prepares our students for the future and makes teaching easier.


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