Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan deals with teaching and practicing grammar use in a high school English classroom. These activities and this lesson are meant to expand a students grammar skills as well as review grammar right before an essay or test. This current lesson has no technologies

Technologies I came up with:

  1. Student Response System- Using a set of student response system software, I would have a grammar questions that the students would have to answer up on the board. I would use a variety of questions similar to those in the lesson plan. The students would then use have to answer the questions using the student response system. This is a great way for me as a teacher to do a review activity that is fun and interactive. The students will also be able to test their skills of grammar knowledge that we learned during our flipchart review activity. This is effective for learning as students are more likely to be excited for this activity than they would of just raising their hands and answering the questions.
  2. Survey Monkey- As a way to test where my students are at on their understanding of grammar, I would use a Survey Monkey as a way to see where they are at. I would include a spot for their names so I could keep track and make sure the students who do not understand common grammar usage get any extra help I could provide them. Since this is a way to review grammar usage that they should already know, this would be an easy way to check them without having to have an actual test over it. This is also a good way to save time as it can grade their answers for you and gives you a chance to make sure you’re not focusing on it too much if your students do not need to review grammar.
  3. Kahoot- For a fun activity to review, I would have my students play a Kahoot game. Questions would be similar to what we go over on the flipchart. Using iPads, computers, or their cell phones if possible, students will answer the questions over grammar. As an extra incentive, I would probably offer extra credit for the students who get the highest places on the Kahoot. This is a great way to have students review something that they probably already know. If I decided to have a test over the grammar lessons, then it would be a great way to review before the test. The extra credit I offered could go to that test as well.


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