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For my Webquest, I made one where high school students will research topics from the 1940’s before reading the novel Death of a Salesman to help give them more insight to the time period of the novel. In the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, this project would be in the Create level. After researching multiple different topics from the 1920’s, students pick 5 topics and must create a 10-page magazine to show what they learned. Students also hit upon a the Understanding, Applying, and Analyzing levels as they must answer questions as they do their research. Some of the questions just test to see if they actually read while others ask for their opinions or ask them to analyze why they think something happened without having the full story behind it. Overall, I think a Webquest is a great way for students to research a topic. It lets them work independently, but also guides them to make sure they are not going to unreliable websites or (hopefully) not messing around instead of working. Obviously you will still have to monitor students as they work because not every student will stay on task. I hope to be able to use Webquests in my future classroom.

weebly webquest

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