Interactive Whiteboard

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex on the March 13, 2018

In my future classroom, I would use interactive whiteboards for a lot of different uses. I would use them first as a way to present information to my class. Instead of boring Powerpoints, I would make my lessons interactive where I had to either uncover information or have the students participate with me while I presented the information. One way that I am most excited to use interactive whiteboards in my classroom is for review games. I had many different English teachers do different games with us as a way to review for a big test. Something I noticed that was common on the Classflow website was Jeopardy games. In school, that was my favorite way to review for a test as you had to compete by answering questions to see who knew the material the best. Normally, the team who had the most points at the end would win a piece of candy or something special, like extra credit on the test. I also see these as a great way to incorporate technology into my classroom. I could have my students (if possible) create their own flip charts or presentations to give to the class after researching a topic or doing a group project where they have to present their information.


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