QR Codes

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex on the February 23, 2018

This lesson is one that I kind of came up with on my own, and also got the idea for part of it from one of my past teachers. She had her students do a “Blind Date With A Book”, where she gave her 4th grade students a quick description of a book and then they had to pick one to read based off of the quick description she gave. My lesson has the same idea behind it, but using QR Codes. First, I would have the students fill out a quick paper asking what their favorite genre of books are, books they did not like, and what their top 5 books they’ve ever read are. Then based on their answers, I would create a paper for each student based on their answers with book suggestions based on the genres and what I think they would like to read. The paper the students will receive (in the link) will have what genre the book is, and then a QR Code the students would use their iPad or smartphone to scan. The QR Code will take the students to the link of the description of the book. Out of all 6 QR Codes the students can scan, they must choose one book that they want to read for a book project. QR Codes can make learning fun and easier. It gives students a more modern way of looking something up without having to research it as closely, or it can even help you lead a discussion by having your students scan a code to get to where they need to be.


The website I used to create the QR Codes was:


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