Meme Creation

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex on the February 23, 2018

There are multiple different ways I’ve seen Memes used in classrooms. In high school, my Junior year English teacher had multiple different memes, kind of like the one I made up on the walls of his classroom. They added a little bit of humor to the classroom instead of the boring, cheesy posters you see in every other classroom. It also gives good reminders that the students will not forget, such as the one I made. Another example of how these can be used is you could have your students create their own Memes as a lesson. One lesson I can think of that you could use the Meme generator websites in learning is a high school English lesson. After the students are done reading a novel or short story, you could have the students all create their own Memes (maybe a couple per student) and then they share them with the class. Also, you could have the students in any class create Memes to memorize stuff. A great example would be in a math class. Students could create their own Memes to remember specific formulas or equations, and then as a teacher you could take the best Memes and put them up around the room to help remind students of those equations. You could also have kids upload them to a google document or something similar so they all have access to them and can find which ones will help them memorize the equation or whatever it is that they are learning.


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