Posted in Uncategorized by Alex on the February 23, 2018

On the website Kahoot, teachers can create quizzes, surveys, discussion boards and games to help test their students. When I first started looking at the website, I was kind of overwhelmed by the options you could use. Something else also to note, you can upgrade your account for access to more features but in my opinion you can get by with the basic features. With the quizzes, students can be put into teams or play individually to answer questions. The questions are put on the board, and the students will use their own devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) to answer the questions. The correct answer will be shown on the board, and the students will be ranked on who chose the correct answer and how fast they answered. The survey option is similar in that you have the whole class answer questions by preset answers to get a quick survey on any topic you choose. For the discussion option, you create a question that the students will choose answers for, and then you will discuss why it was that answer with your class. I chose to do a quiz for my activity, linked below. I took a commonly taught novel, Romeo and Juliet, and made a quiz over it. Overall, it was pretty easy to create the Kahoot once I got it figured out.


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