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One example of how to use a screenshot in your classroom is when your students are taking a test or quiz, they can screenshot their score or that they finished the test/quiz and email it to the teacher to show their score or that they finished. Another example of how to use screenshots in your classroom is for instructions. When using a website, you can screenshot what the students are supposed to do so they can see an example of it. You can also use screenshots to take a picture of something on your screen and then print it out, instead of having to type out what you wanted to show.

To take a screenshot on a Mac, use Command+Shift+4 and then drag your cursor and cover what you would like to screenshot. On a PC, you will press the Print Screen key (Prt Sc) and it will save the screenshot.


Meme Creation

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There are multiple different ways I’ve seen Memes used in classrooms. In high school, my Junior year English teacher had multiple different memes, kind of like the one I made up on the walls of his classroom. They added a little bit of humor to the classroom instead of the boring, cheesy posters you see in every other classroom. It also gives good reminders that the students will not forget, such as the one I made. Another example of how these can be used is you could have your students create their own Memes as a lesson. One lesson I can think of that you could use the Meme generator websites in learning is a high school English lesson. After the students are done reading a novel or short story, you could have the students all create their own Memes (maybe a couple per student) and then they share them with the class. Also, you could have the students in any class create Memes to memorize stuff. A great example would be in a math class. Students could create their own Memes to remember specific formulas or equations, and then as a teacher you could take the best Memes and put them up around the room to help remind students of those equations. You could also have kids upload them to a google document or something similar so they all have access to them and can find which ones will help them memorize the equation or whatever it is that they are learning.



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On the website Kahoot, teachers can create quizzes, surveys, discussion boards and games to help test their students. When I first started looking at the website, I was kind of overwhelmed by the options you could use. Something else also to note, you can upgrade your account for access to more features but in my opinion you can get by with the basic features. With the quizzes, students can be put into teams or play individually to answer questions. The questions are put on the board, and the students will use their own devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) to answer the questions. The correct answer will be shown on the board, and the students will be ranked on who chose the correct answer and how fast they answered. The survey option is similar in that you have the whole class answer questions by preset answers to get a quick survey on any topic you choose. For the discussion option, you create a question that the students will choose answers for, and then you will discuss why it was that answer with your class. I chose to do a quiz for my activity, linked below. I took a commonly taught novel, Romeo and Juliet, and made a quiz over it. Overall, it was pretty easy to create the Kahoot once I got it figured out.


QR Codes

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This lesson is one that I kind of came up with on my own, and also got the idea for part of it from one of my past teachers. She had her students do a “Blind Date With A Book”, where she gave her 4th grade students a quick description of a book and then they had to pick one to read based off of the quick description she gave. My lesson has the same idea behind it, but using QR Codes. First, I would have the students fill out a quick paper asking what their favorite genre of books are, books they did not like, and what their top 5 books they’ve ever read are. Then based on their answers, I would create a paper for each student based on their answers with book suggestions based on the genres and what I think they would like to read. The paper the students will receive (in the link) will have what genre the book is, and then a QR Code the students would use their iPad or smartphone to scan. The QR Code will take the students to the link of the description of the book. Out of all 6 QR Codes the students can scan, they must choose one book that they want to read for a book project. QR Codes can make learning fun and easier. It gives students a more modern way of looking something up without having to research it as closely, or it can even help you lead a discussion by having your students scan a code to get to where they need to be.


The website I used to create the QR Codes was:


Online Tool-Quizlet

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The online tool I chose was Quizlet. Quizlet lets you create flashcards so you can study. This is a handy tool for students and teachers both, as it provides a great way for students to study, and gives teachers a way to help their students learn better. Teachers can create a class and have their students follow that class to get access to the study sets. Another cool feature is students can add their own study sets to the class. In high school, my physical science teacher had each person in the class (it was a pretty small class) create one chapter of flashcards before the final. We were all able to access each other’s work and study from it. The downside to doing this is that some students may not do the work, so everyone misses out on studying the things the other student did not complete. Quizlet also has multiple different ways to study. You can do matching, multiple choice, tests, writing, as well as other options. You can also pay to access premium features, which removes ads as well as gives you unlimited access to make whatever you want, even being able to add pictures to the flashcards. Premium is $1.67 a month, but you pay $19.99 for the full year. Quizlet is honestly to me the best way to study for tests. There is also a free app you can download to use it, so you can take your flashcards anywhere with you, making it more accessible that handwritten flashcards.


Blogging- Blog Comment

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Blogging-Interactive Websites For Students

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This website lets you interact with your students as if it were a classroom “Facebook”. Students can use it to find different resources posted by the teacher and help improve their classroom progress.

This website helps 1st-8th graders practice common core math through interactive math games. It also gives teachers access to the students results from the math games so they can track how their students are doing.

Quizlet is a great interactive website that high schoolers could use to study. It gives them the option to study flashcards, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and other games to help them prepare for a test.

Teachers can use this to have their students study vocabulary. The website uses multiple choice questions to gauge where a student is at in the English language and adapt to their learning level.

This game called Shift 2 has students practice their logic skills by solving different puzzles. This is a fun way for students to play a game and learn at the same time.

Blogging- Technology Management

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This website gives five different areas of technology management that you can use in your classroom. Those areas are Organization, Project-based Learning, Classroom Management, Presentations, and Assessments. This article starts out by saying that even though a lot of people are seeing technology advancements becoming problems in classrooms, there are different ways that you can use technology effectively in your classroom without losing your students to the technology. In the organization section, these teaching tools are used to help organize your classroom. They include lesson plan templates, grade books, behavior tracking, as well as different websites where your students can turn in their work or use as a classroom website. The project-based learning section has different websites that can help students plan projects. There are also websites that help students work together to create different projects such as online posters or timelines. The next section talks about ways you can use technology for classroom management. Not only do these websites track behaviors, but it also gives teachers new ways to interact with their students. The websites are almost like different forms of social media, where they have a classroom “Facebook” to post to, or other similar ways to interact with their students. One website gives you the option to send a text to parents and/or students to remind them of any upcoming assignments. In the presentation section, there are different websites to help students give presentations. Some of the websites help incorporate different social media. The presentation options range anywhere from simple and easy to use to fancy and vibrant presentations that you can even record yourself while doing the presentation. The last section is assessments. There are multiple different survey websites, as well as different test-making sites. The test-making websites could be great as you can share your tests with other teachers or view other teachers tests to see questions you may want to use for your tests. Overall, this website gave me some great ideas to ways I can use and manage technology in my classroom.



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Online Survey

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The online survey tool I chose was Survey Monkey. I had taken a few surveys through this website in high school, but this experience gave me many different ideas as to what I could do with it in my own classroom. First off, I could use it to give my students quizzes over the previous night’s reading and gauge if they actually read or not. It gives you the option to ask multiple choice, true/false, and many other different types of questions. You can also ask open-ended and opinion questions. One option I thought was really great was giving something a star rating. A way I thought of that I could use that in my classroom is to have the students do a quick book review using the survey. Although I did not do that this time, I would have my students rate the book out of five stars, give some comments as to why they did or did not like the book, and some of their favorite elements from the book (such as characters, themes, etc.). Actually learning how to use Survey Monkey was pretty easy. It took me a bit to figure out how to score the multiple choice questions, but once you read through all the different options for your questions, it is a great, quick, and easy way to assess your students.


Creative Commons

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Information Literacy

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Information Literacy is the ability to find accurate, reliable information, including online or through other media. This is important to know in the 21st century because as the world and internet are changing day by day, the information could be changing as well. Also, there could be inaccurate information online that someone changed or made up. Information Literacy is important to teachers as they need to know accurate information to teach their students, as well as they need to know if their students are using sources that are reliable. It is a good idea for students to be literate in finding information, so they do not falsify information in papers or other school work. As an English teacher, I feel like I have one of the best opportunities to teacher Information Literacy. Students will more than likely have to write papers in my classes where they have to find information. These papers could be argumentative, research, or informative. Before doing one of these assignments, I would teach my students what reliable websites they can use, or even have them do research the “old-fashioned” way of encyclopedias to see what a reliable source is. I would have them use different data bases, as well as teach them what makes a website or other sources reliable.


Pinterest Product

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Pinterest is a great resource for teachers. You can search for specific topics or look for broader areas to find ideas and save them to your own board. It gives us as teachers different ideas to use in our classrooms, whether it be a class activity or resources for ourselves.



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To earn this badge, I had to play a game about plagiarism. It takes you through a series of different places where you have to catch goblins and answer questions about plagiarism. Overall, the game was pretty easy but fun.