Federal Education in America

One of the greatest mysteries is why education was left out of the Constitution.  I think it is safe to say that the Founders might have blundered on that point.  What should be said about a country that does not guarantee education as a right?  And we still do not to this day, but there has been a push in that direction from the Common Core Standards Inititive.  Needless to say, everybody involved (students, teachers, parents, administrators, etc.) has an ax to grind with Common Core, but I still support any move toward a federal education system.

Common Core is a set of language art and math standards.  The purpose was to provide a template for classrooms everywhere  and to emphasize skills that students will need for college.  From personal experience, having a system to follow is very helpful.  But to the teachers with many years of experience, it could stifling or just frustrating that another system is being replaced.  But at the heart of the issue is the question, “Is education necessary; should it be a right?”

I truly believe that education is a right that should be guaranteed to all citizens.  Amendments to add education into the Constitution have failed, but if we want to increase the efficacy and standards of our educational infrastructure, we may have to do so.   However, how do you have a system that works perfectly for such a diverse population.  The United States is roughly 4 million square miles and there is a good chance that two randomly chosen US citizens may not have much in common, culturally speaking.  This is why education has always been politically filed under “states’ rights.”

Common Core’s inability to address regional issues is a fundamental weakness.  To receive the federal funds, a state was required to adopt at least 85% of the CC curriculum, but this number was too high.  A federally funded education system would need to offer more autonomy to account for this diversity.  Even though education has been supported federally -I’m just going to leave this here- http://lwv.org/content/history-federal-government-public-education-where-have-we-been-and-how-did-we-get-here–  I think we need to add an amendment to the Constitution that holds our education system to an incredibly high standard.

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