Khan Academy-The Ultimate Web Tool for Teachers

Khan Academy is one of the most useful tools for students and teachers and it is only getting better.  Khan Academy started out as online tutor service that the creator, Salman Khan, made for a few friends.  After seeing the potential, he took on the work full time and turned it into what it is today.  Khan Academy is now a fully-functioning website and application.  It has short lectures, tutorials, supplementary exercises, and tools for every subject imaginable, from early education to high school.  Recently, a profile system was added which allows for an award system, progress-checker, a projects section, and discussion boards for teachers, parents, and students to communicate with each other and the academic community.

Khan Academy is always expanding!  One of the newest features, and maybe the most helpful for teachers, is that it is now synced with Common Core.  The entire math section is labeled with Common Core standards, which is pretty handy when you need to come up with new projects or worksheets.  I’ve also read that they (and other education apps) are developing software that would allow students to screenshot their homework and send it in for one-on-one tutor help, which is simply amazing.  Khan Academy also comes in three languages: Hindi, Spanish, and English.  On top of all of that, it is free, with no weird or inappropriate advertisements.

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