techintegrationArt Education SAMR Example:

There are several ways and levels that I can use technology in my future art classroom. I will describe some different technologies I can use and how they fit into the SAMR model.

First up is Substitution, which is basically doing the same task you would do without the technology. For this area, I would introduce an artist (example, David Hockney) I would have them do some research on him and type up in google docs a quick assessment/critique of his portrait art. The students could write instead of type so this is considered substitution of technology. I could also have the students start out by drawing a quick portrait of each other on tablets similar to David Hockney and his iPad Art. This also could be considered substitution because they could just as easily draw it out on pads of paper.

Second is Augmentation, this is a step up from substitution, still doing the same task you could do without the technology but the technology allows for better functionality. I could create a google doc sheet for critique of the student’s portrait artwork. They could fill them out about each others work, and then share with me and the student the critique is about. This would give me and each student immediate feedback on their work. Google Docs improves the critique process, streamlining it. It would also give students access to spell check and the thesaurus giving them a chance to check their documents before they share. They could also include links to similar artists or helpful youtube clips, etc.

Third is Modification, this is where the technology allows you to redesign the task, maybe not completely but allows for a lot of room to play. I could have students partner up and use at least one digital media and one traditional media to create David Hockney inspired portraits: cameras for photo collage, iPad’s to draw on, or video photoshop, painting, drawing, etc. They would then post their art work and compare and contrast in a post about digital versus traditional and what they liked and disliked about them. They would share this post with classmates, which will start a discussion amongst them.

Fourth is Redefinition, it allows you to create new ways to use technology not thought of before. This is where I would have my students post on an art blog they create and help my students link with another class (other school)  doing a lesson over David Hockney or any other portrait artist who has used both traditional and digital media. This would open up the discussion of traditional versus digital media not only in my classroom but also across different schools; however, a blog could be seen by anyone in the world, so it would open it up globally as well.

SAMR is a great way to organize the levels of technology in your classroom. I never had given much thought to it but now I have guidelines and can make sure I am using an appropriate level at appropriate times.

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