Lesson Plan

The first technology I chose is a video camera on a phone. I can either use coach’s eye app or even a slow mo video just on the camera part of the phone. I would then be able to instantly project this on the wall as long as I had a projector which most schools have. I could video the students doing the drill and let them see how they were doing and most of the time you learn best from watching Infielding Lesson with Technology yourself and learning by seeing. A slow motion video can go a long ways in any sport and is a must have as a coach or physical educator.  


The second technology I chose is a heart rate monitor system. This is an awesome system because students and myself can see immediately if the heart rate is going to where it needs to be. I can choose a target heart rate and have each kid know it and they can try and get there heart rate up high enough to get what I am looking for. If students have an individual goal such as a heart rate to get up, then they are more likely to lose weight and be more physically fit which is the main goal that I am after.


The third technology I chose is a step counter. These are cheap bracelets that could be purchased and used just like a heart rate monitor. We could track the amount of steps students have and have a certain goal set that students should reach. That is an easy way to measure students grade also. It’s also cool to see the difference in amount of steps in each different class to figure out which lessons were effective and which ones are not effective. A step counter can be bought for as little as ten bucks and I feel as a physical educator it would be easy to convince the administration to get them if they have not yet been funded because It shows progression.


Meme’s are very cool because they are a different way of giving a student a remembrance of a picture. For example in the classroom I know the most interesting man in the world has a saying that I won’t forget that Dr. Pownell put on him. It says “I don’t always use technology, But when I do I am probably working on a badge.” That is something that I find amusing and when I see that picture I instantly think about technology and badges. For my classroom it will be something when they see the picture they are able to see in their head what I decided to put on the Meme. For this one I just found a funny picture of one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows (Big Bang Theory). I want to be able to reach all kids from the top of the athletic chain and the students that struggle and hate Physical Education and put a positive impact on them. If there is anyway that it could strike a spark in one of those students, to me it is totally worth it. I will try to have a mixture of being a fun teacher but students will know when it is time to work.



Quizlet is an awesome website that can be utilized by anyone of any age of any profession. The Quizlet has so much to offer from studying to creating a quiz and much more. Quizlet is a free website but has the availability to be upgraded to enhance certain features. It’s a great choice for education because students and teachers can benefit from both teaching and learning. It’s always available with internet and there is a Quizlet app that allows you to study the flashcards you or your instructor made. And those flashcards can be studied on the app even when internet is not available. It helps students learn by giving them many different ways to learn from studying flashcards, to playing games, and even taking a pre-test. For teachers all of those are positives and teachers can even give tests on Quizlet and Quizlet has different features including Quizlet live that works like Kahoot and gives students and teachers instant feedback. There are many advantages but the main one is students can create there own flashcards or teachers can make them and they can study them instantly with no paper in hand. But, the flashcards can also be printed off if students really want them that way. The only disadvantage I have really seen is cheating. A lot of students that I know have all this information and copy and paste and not learn a thing but get the answer correct. But, other than that I think Quizlet is an awesome place/app to turn to anytime as a student or teacher.


Click Here to View My Prezi——-> Prezi 

The presentation product I used was Prezi. Prezi is a very unique website that can be used for a variety of different things from and introduction at the beginning of the year to introduce yourself. That is what I choose to do and I am able to edit that when it comes closer to time to teach and that is something already taken care of before I even step foot in a classroom. It is very helpful in education because it can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any computer. It is a very nice tool that is a different way of presenting rather than a boring old Powerpoint. It helps students learn because it can spark their interest by the change of pace and teachers can create them easily. It can also help because students can create their own and honestly to me that is the greatest way to learn information, creating something and teaching is the best way to learn. The advantages are endless but the main components are: it’s easy, different from powerpoint, music, video, pictures, different transitions, and much more. The disadvantages are very minor but to get the most out of Prezi, it would be much better to get the premium version, and Powerpoint is normally used. But, Prezi is an awesome website and has some cool features that a lot of others do not have. I encourage everyone to try and substitute it occasionally in their classroom for a change of pace!

Webquest (Built in Weebly)


In the webquest we did tackle all three domains of learning; cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. Cognitive was knowing the rules and understanding the object of playing baseball. Affective will be done in class seeing how well they will interact with the other students and psychomotor will be taken care of by all the activities that we will do. On the Bloom’s Taxonomy Pyramid we used evaluation literally click on the evaluation tab and will give you all the information needed.  Synthesis is used by using old drills and concepts of baseball to have students create a swing that feels comfortable to them. Analysis will be used also through process of students learning and consistently working on throwing and hitting and when they are starting to succeed they should create a pattern that keeps them succeeding. Application is used throughout the entire webquest because each student will be problem solving to do what feels comfortable to them. Comprehension will be directly through the student and me. There is a tab on their to contact me for any questions or comments. Knowledge will be used all they way through the webquest as well. This was an awesome opportunity to use Weebly. I have never used it before and I really enjoyed it!


Kahoot Sports Quiz Sample

Kahoot is an awesome website/app that can be used by anyone. It’s a fun game that could be used for a test review or some learning. It’s awesome because it always keeps students engaged and gives the teacher instant feedback and can see if material should be covered again. It can be used to start a new unit to see how well students may know upcoming information, if they already all know it, what’s the point of reteaching it? Kahoot is cool because it downloads a Excel sheet with a bunch of information pointing out students strengths and weaknesses. It is also very easy to create quizzes which allows students to make a quiz and everyone could take each others quiz. It’s always more valuable for me as a student to create something to remember information and I feel a lot of information is actually consumed when students are that engaged. The biggest thing Kahoot for me as an educator is instant feedback that will help me learn what I need to work on as a teacher. If everyone is getting a 100% I am probably not doing a great job pushing students to be their best. Also if everyone is failing, instantly I can see feedback and adjust my lesson to benefit the student!

Interactive Whiteboard

Using the tools with Activinspire is very difficult but very interesting. Learning all the cool things that you can do can easily be done in a classroom setting in an effective way. There are thousands of different things that you can do to make you Promethean Flip Chart special in your own certain way. My favorite one that I used was the Magic Pen tool where you are able to see through layers in a certain way. I like the reveal tool just to have a different aspect rather than having a Powerpoint. Promethean Flip Charts are cool because students can play along and it’s a very cool thing for myself and kids will love it, if you do it right. The more and more I would use the app the better I would get and the faster it would go. The biggest thing for me is students of all types of learning styles are able to benefit from these boards. It’s hands on, can have some audio, and there are so many things to look at and remember as a student. Where as if there was a Powerpoint a student may not learn near as well. I think Activinspire is an awesome tool and Promethean Flipcharts need to be all around.

Video Creation

I chose to do a video creation over Leg Day, which is a aspect that I could show as a lifting coach. It’s a cool feature that I could video students and let them see if they are doing it correctly. I did this on on movie maker.

Leg day at WU


Ipads are a very interesting and controversial topic for using in a classroom setting. An iPad is a computer tablet that first came out from Apple in 2010. iPads are now offered in many different sizes and models and are used by many different people for a variety of things. The reason it’s such a good thing for education is because there are so many apps and uses for it. Students can take tests, make test, study, learn, play games, take pictures, videos, etc. The possibilities are endless for a teacher. There are apps where the teacher can interact with the students and it is just a change of pace from a powerpoint and writing on paper. Teachers and the IT staff can do a variety of things on the iPads to block students from getting apps but some apps that are on the iPad and cannot be deleted. And it seemed like when I was in high school I was always just messing around trying to be funny. With the possibilities being endless that is the downside. Students are able to possibly distract themselves or other students with different apps and different things they can do. But I believe that iPads can for sure be beneficial to students and teachers!

Presentation Artifact (Prezi)

The presentation artifact I decided to talk about is Prezi. Prezi is a very unique website that can be used for a variety of different things. It is very helpful in education because it can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any computer. It is a very nice tool that is a different way of presenting rather than a boring old Powerpoint. It helps students learn because it can spark their interest by the change of pace and teachers can create them easily. It can also help because students can create their own and honestly to me that is the greatest way to learn information, creating something and teaching is the best way to learn. The advantages are endless but the main components are: it’s easy, different from powerpoint, music, video, pictures, different transitions, and much more. The disadvantages are very minor but to get the most out of Prezi, it would be much better to get the premium version, and Powerpoint is normally used. But, Prezi is an awesome website and has some cool features that a lot of others do not have. I encourage everyone to try and substitute it occasionally in their classroom for a change of pace!

Online Tool

Google Drive

Google Drive is an awesome feature that google has and can help students from small grades to adults in their everyday jobs or classes. It’s very simple, all you need is a google account which is free. You can see all of the documents, pictures, presentations, and anything else you have created right on the front screen. You can create folders to organize stuff and there are many different ways of organizing. The picture I uploaded on here is just a list of some of the things that you can do/create. The coolest feature that Google Drive has for me is the interaction between students and co-workers. People’s schedules are always different so it may be tough to find time to do something together, but on Google Drive you can see when the other person is typing or working on a project and help each other out. As a student to teacher interaction it is cool because you can see when they last made changes and can interact with them while they are working. I have used Google Drive since the end of my high school career mostly because everything is online. There is an app on my phone where I can work on my papers, and I have access to all my documents on anything that has internet which I think is really cool!


Edmodo was an awesome tool that I am glad I was able to learn about. This website is specifically designed for educators and students. It is really cool because there is so much learning that can be taking place and students navigating around the site may not even know it. It’s also cool because students could create one themselves and will be an awesome learning tool for them. In mine I chose to create a “storyboard” of the Olympic games. I have always been intrigued by them and think the olympics are awesome. But, students are able to learn about them in a quick and educational way. You can write long paragraphs, put in videos, pictures, audio, and so much more. It’s really a good app for everyone. The downside to it’s eventually you would have to become a member. I’m not 100 percent sure how much it’s but it is a website worth having in my opinion and someday I might just become premium. I could put videos of a skill and have students watch it with other information so students can come to class prepared and ready for class! I could make it and even project it on a wall and have the class learn in a different type of way. This website is really awesome and would recommend all educators to capitalize on it.

Online Survey


For this assignment I chose to use Freeonlinesurverys.com and this is an awesome tool. I looked through some of the other survey creators and this looked like the best one that I could find. I struggled at the beginning and the end getting everything figured out but now that I have done one survey I could easily make one and understand what to do. I only have the free version but for what I am looking for the free version is perfect. It was cool because I have completed so many survey’s but have never made one myself. In this survey I decided to branch off a little and just throw in questions that most surveys have. The cool thing about surveys like this are they can really help you make some adjustments to make your teachings better. For me hearing the things people didn’t like about in physical education class can help me better my classroom and will in turn have more students have a positive impact. I dread having my students hate physical education and will not be physically active because of me. I have friends that are that way, and I try to learn as much as I can from them.

SAMR Model


This is when you are using technology for a task when not necessarily needing to but can still be effective. My example would be using Microsoft Word or Google documents to write a paper. It could be done with pencil and paper and would still be the same outcome but can be also accessible by technology.


Activity: Write a 200 word post on the basic rules of Basketball




It’s important to understand again the accomplished goal is still the same without technology but for augmentation technology is a “direct substitute” for the given activity. My example would be the use of Google documents, because you can open up your settings and give a URL and can share this document with people all over the world with a couple clicks on your mouse. It’s a really effective tool that I use in almost each and everyone of my classes!


Activity: Write a 200 word post on the basic rules of football and share it with 5 classmates. If a student shares a post with you, critique their paper and then fix your mistakes other students have given to you.



In modification, technology is used to redesign parts of the task at hand. I will once again go to Google Drive because it’s such an awesome feature that google has and can help students from small grades to adults in their everyday jobs. It’s modification because you can share the documents and presentations with many people. For this given case let’s say I break students into groups of 3 or 4. Students can then create and begin working on the assignment or task at hand. While students are doing their work they can see what their other classmates are typing and can communicate between each other by typing. The students can easily access this and can modify the document between each other and make for a great learning tool.


Activity: You and your group members will create a google slides presentation about your sport of choice for rules. Each member should have created at least 3 slides and the total should be at least 15 slides total.



This is where us as teachers can create tasks that were unimaginable if technology wasn’t a thing. So we can create new tasks that used to be impossible. Google Earth is an example of a redefinition that I will use. This is an amazing app that could have never been possible a short time ago. It could be used to show students their own houses with coordinates, it could be used to show historic landmarks or athletic stadiums. Google earth now in most places has a view from the street sign and you can scope out different things. You can also use it, if you’re trying to move far away deciding to check out a neighborhood and things around it to see how nice everything is. Google Earth is such a cool app.  


Activity: Use Google Earth to find these different things. You will need to create a google document and share it with me. On the document put the coordinates of your findings with it’s corresponding place.:


Your house

The school

The football field

Kansas City Royals Stadium

The White House

Great Wall of China


Vatican City

Something unique that you find, explain what it’s and the coordinates


Presentation Product

Presentations can be used effectively in many different classes and different types of presentations. Power-points could be shown to students on different exercises to do. It could be used to show many videos in a short amount of time. For me as a physical educator, I may have only 20-30 min to get my point across and every second of my lesson counts. There are many different types of presentations that I could give that are effective I just need to fit them into my lessons correctly. MovieMaker, iMovie, and Prezi would all be cool to show my students because it’s a change of pace from the everyday Power-points that most typical classroom teachers will show. It’s tough to give a lot of presentations through video rather than them seeing me do it in person right in front of them. But, it could be used if I videoed them and was able to use some of the new apps to critique and show them what they are doing wrong and throw them onto a presentation and show the class what to change or how good they did the certain activity. All in all presentations are very important in the everyday classrooms, in physical education it will be important for health and can still be used effectively just not on an everyday basis.

Here is the Presentation that I created on Google Slides!!


Gain Score


The gain score is an important aspect and a very useful tool that can be used by teachers to check progress in students. We learned how to calculate the gain score during class but here is how it can be found:

Post assessment A% – Pre assessment B% = C%

100% – Pre assessment B% = D%    

C% / D%= .xxx

.xxx x 100= % Gain

It’s pretty simple to calculate when you have numbers and is a great indicator of how you taught the lesson. This is something any and every teacher can use. For physical education I can have students do skills tests and have a percentage of the activity they did correctly. Then teach them skills and after that have a test and see what percentage they did right, then enter the data into the gain score equation. From many of my classes I am learning that assessment is very important in every aspect of teaching, for us and our students. The nice thing about this gain score is it can be put in an excel document and can be copied quickly and take very little time to calculate. It can be put into charts and graphs to let your students see in a quick and easy way. Students love to see when they are doing good and this is an easy way to show them!


Examples of Screenshots in the classroom

  1. If a we are looking at a video of something and there is a good pause seen that everyone needs to look at, you could screenshot it and print out the picture and give it to anyone.
  2. In math if students were drawing on a smartboard. A problem they did really good or bad, you could screenshot it and if they see the problem and/or solution, it will be better in their mind if it isn’t erased away.
  3. If students are doing things on iPads or even computers and they want to show you, it could be sent by message or by dropbox, there are many other ways but these are just a few.


Use the Snipping tool and choose either Free, Rectangular, Window, or Full Screen. After you capture it, it’s automatically copied to the Snipping Tool window. Then you can save it and then do whatever you want with it,



Drag the mouse curser and it will create a shape and the more you drag it, you’re able to see what you highlight, let go of it when you have it where you want and then it is saved. Then you go find it in your pictures and can do whatever you want with it.


Zamzar is an awesome website that I have never heard of! For my use, I transferred a PDF into a word document. This website can convert over 1200 different files! This would have been nice to know the last couple years! It can be used for anything from video files, audio files, word files, to excel files and much more. Another cool thing is, it’s free for at least the first download. It’s quick and easy. It seems pretty secure and I would and will for sure recommend this to anyone I know. It’s really nice if you have an older computer and the files of a new computer need to be updated it’s very convenient. The limit on the free service is 50 per 24 hours. That should be plenty for student and teacher use. There are many mixed reviews from the people who were paying for the service were being charged to much and too often while others say the premium version is awesome and totally recommend it. I as a student trust this site but wouldn’t pay for anything I would only stick to the free version. All in all I am glad this was a badge because I will use it in the future.

QR Codes

How To Catch A fly Ball

How to field a ground ball

How to catch a baseball

How to throw a baseball

Rules of baseball

Qr Codes can be an awesome tool for a variety of things. There are many instances where they can be beneficial. In schools you can put up flyers with these so people can go register for things easily or even just to show students something amusing. This is an easy way to give out a homework assignment if students have the access to technology. It’s so easy to just show the camera in front of the code rather than have to type in a long url. There is really no downside to these codes except for if a student does not have the technology to be able to access the code. I choose to explain the basics of baseball by different aspects. So, if a student were to miss a day of Physical education they could look at these videos and see what they need to work on! I would start from the bottom up. The rules are more important than anything so start there, then work to how to throw, how to catch, how to field a ground ball, then finally how to field a fly ball. These are nice short little videos that would be easy to give to the kids as homework to watch.

QR Code

QR codes are very simple to make. You can go to a few different sites but the one I go to is QR Code Generator. This is very handy for anyone who is wanting to have someone access a site quickly and not have to type out a long url code. Once you have reached the site it is very simple, copy and paste the url that you want people to be able to reach from your QR code into the box. Then hit create QR code. Then go to the right and click on download. Download then save it as a jpeg or an image file that can be handled and then it’s just a picture and can be transferred to wherever you want it, doesn’t matter how big or small. That is the easiest way to create one in my opinion.

Technology in the PE classroom

The Capterra School Administration Blog is a great blog about physical education technologies. Managing technology will be pretty easy for me as an educator in my opinion. Classroom management will be a key factor in this so I give no time or reason for the students to be on their phones. Also, I think it’s only fair that I am not on my phone to show them it’s possible to live without a phone for 30 min. Many/most kids at a younger age will be easy because they do not have cell phones or anything of that nature. High school and middle school kids may have them but I should be able to control/monitor these kids pretty easily. The easiest way for me to manage this is have a rule set in place for if I see them on it. But apple watches and other things are coming out that I will have to keep a keen eye on. If I do decided to do a lesson with some kind of technology I just need to make sure everyone is respecting the equipment and using it correctly. There are games like dance dance revolution and the Wii that can get kids moving and can be beneficial to the kids as far as being able to use technology and be active. There are also apps that can video and breakdown different aspects of the specific skill and let students see what they look like. No matter whether in the gym, outside, in the actual classroom, there is one common question of all this technology that should be asked before every use. Is this helping or hurting students learning process. As a very active guy and a person who enjoys technology, I believe there should be a handful of times where we use technology to teach students but rarely should we be using technology everyday, and the main point is, if we do, we need to make sure that it is useful for the students.

Here are 5 sites that students could go to for any information on Physical Education.

The first site I have is Fuel Up to Play 60. This is a program that students can participate in physical activity and healthy eating and much more.  This is a cool site because a lot of NFL players push this play 60!

PE Central is another great site! This site has many different options from a running plan to sport science activities. This website has many different links to be clicked on and take you to different websites and it’s all through PE Central!

Clark Mills Physical Education Website is really cool and even though may be old and some random school, this website is awesome! Students can get on there and play games from their computer and gets them moving. For instance there is one game where you do a certain exercise and try and beat your score from before.

Adventure Fitness is another great website. This can get kids moving from their computer. This is also great for teachers and students because there are different videos of things and it’s just a great site!

Fit4Skool is another good website. This is more of a curriculum based website where teachers can use it and so can students. If students miss a day of class they would be able to go and watch videos to see what they missed.

Here is a link to the page where I left a comment in the comment section. 

Information Literacy

In my own words information literacy can be described as a way to gather information by either teaching ourselves or learning from someone else and doing it in our own way through a process. It’s information that is deemed relevant when there is a need. Once we are able to teach it to ourselves, then we can teach it to others way more effectively. Information literacy is very important in the 21st century because there is so much technology that can be useful. But it is also important that students and people keep this in mind so not everything is handed to us and we have no practice or skill of any sort. It’s important in the 21st century to push people out of their comfort zone and not directly give them the answers. Information literacy is important to teachers and students because it should be used quite often from both. Teachers should be learning and teaching themselves new things as well as helping students but also making them learn a little on their own. Information literacy will be used in my classroom almost everyday because students will have to feel what is comfortable for them and use it to their strengths. I can only teach so much students will have to realize that it’s all up to them to learn it and it will be awesome to see!


It is very exciting earning my first badge! I have wrote many papers and know a lot of things about plagiarism, but I learned many new things during the game. I also missed a few questions which made me rethink some of my ways of citing sources. I cannot wait to keep earning badges and learning new things in technology!