My Life as a Teacher

I started teaching in the winter of 1978, in a little place called, Woodburn, Indiana. It was a Lutheran day school, and my expected dress code included a suit coat. I taught 3rd and 4th grade, plus directing the school’s choir. At that time all Lutheran teachers needed to know how to play the piano/ organ. Yes, I was a music major.

In 1980, we moved to Topeka. It was very hot that summer, rivaled the 1930’s. I was called to teach 3rd grade and direct the school choir at Topeka Lutheran School (TLS). In January of 1981, my school received it’s first TRS (trash) Model III computer. From that time on I explored ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

I started with writing short grading programs that enabled me to condense my grade book (with 8 subjects) into one sheet, thus saving time writing out grades and limiting the number of times I had to handle grade sheets and later looking at ways students could explore their world through this means. I wasn’t too successful.


More tall tales later…