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Educational Technology Statement

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My living google document of this Ed Tech statement can also be accessed here.

Miranda Figgs

Educational Technology Philosophy Statement

I see myself using technology in my high school art classroom to relay information from older art processes such as oil painting, ceramic, and darkroom techniques over to digital based processes.   Technology is something that is ever evolving and the education system has somewhat failed its students in not keeping up with the demands of the 21st century workforce.  Technology is something that is not always very attainable due to financial constraints, but willpower, writing grants, and advocating for students in a technology based generation can take a class a long way in terms of getting students up to speed on what will be required of them as commercial artists.  With graphic design, illustrator, photoshop, videography, and digital portfolios growing in importance to independent artists, students need to be exposed to these elements in their schooling.  

New processes are popping up in the art realm as well as every other aspect of life.  Ceramicists are using wadding to make sculptures, something that would have been taboo for a classical ceramic artists,  photoshop has taken a hold of commercial product marketing, documentary photography and videography are able to give insight to art processes that would have been underwraps before the internet, online portfolios and independent webpages get patrons in contact with artists within seconds.  Similarly, “New Media” is an art form based in the overlap of technical processes including the internet as an art form of mass communication.  These new and overlapping techniques are something that most instructors are uncomfortable teaching because there aren’t always clear and concise answers associated, it is still in its blurry stage and boundaries are still being formed around this media.

Teachers are afraid to teach something that students may know more about than themselves.  However, technology in the classroom by nature is always changing and growing and should be a learning experience in the same way that scientific advances affect the content that we teach students. Teaching anything other than the most updated version would be doing students a disservice and would be disadvantaging the educator as well because they too would be lacking information and not expanding his or her own horizons.  It is very much so based in a discomfort that is always accompanied by growth.  This discomfort associated with growing pains is something that must be felt to avoid leaving students behind in a digital world.  


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