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Meme Generators in the classroom

Filed under: Uncategorized — mf at 9:58 am on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meme generators are websites or apps that compile text with images to create a funny and/or relatable statement to an audience.  The best memes that I found are for classroom management.  Classroom rules can be displayed in a funny way that students will actually notice and pay attention to.  Memes in this way can be used as ice breakers for students amongst one another at the beginning of the semester or at any given time between the teacher and the students.  Memes can also be used to convey the content or paraphrase material in a visual way.  This idea of meme creation to parallel or accompany material can be made into a project for students to create their own memes to assess student learning.  These creation is a skill that uses bloom’s higher order thinking because the student has to be able to really understand before making small decisions throughout the creation process.  Students have to understand the context, know the tone they are trying to convey, and send an appropriate message through that tone of voice or character in the meme.

Memes are also very popular amongst teacher groups to share in their daily woes and accomplish a sense of camaraderie.  img_5785meme-memecreator

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