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Online Survey – Survey Monkey: Design

Filed under: Uncategorized — mf at 1:17 pm on Sunday, November 13, 2016

I have a ten question survey for students in their first ever art course (Intro to art/ design/ drawing students) you can find it at Design Survey which is a customized survey created through Survey Monkey.

My experience in creating my own online survey was that Survey monkey isn’t as user friendly as that of Google Forms, but maybe it has more features and uses that expand more in the professional subscription.   It doesn’t explain what the different categories of questions really do.  For this reason I didn’t get as adventurous as I could have gotten, but there were plenty to explore given that I only made 10 questions.

Any one could use this tool in the classroom, but I could see it being easy for educators to create really boring surveys using this tool in the free mode.  It also has really bad celebrity and/or political joke questions in the suggested questions, so maybe not having students use this tool for any projects would be a good idea.  None of the suggested survey questions were very helpful or relevant either so I was kind of annoyed to have to hit skip every time.  Overall a cool free tool especially for companies that could use this on a wider scale.  online-surveymonkey

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