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  • Sensory Learning This includes a cute little lesson with visual aids.  It is then followed by a quick and easy Quiz.  This could be for a precursor anatomy lesson.  This could also be an adolescent age science lesson precursor.
  • Magic Tree House  This site encourages reading (especially good for younger students during school breaks).  It includes exploration that expands on the reading and young student imagination by links such as souvenirs and passports from past “trips” taken through the reading series.
  • Toporopa  This is a student lead learning experience based in world geography. When you finally win there is some random animal there to celebrate with you.
  • Virtual Sistine Chapel Experience murals and other things that are normally limited to two textbook angles.  Students get the opportunity to somewhat experience what spaces are like in a 3 dimensional sense courtesy of virtual reality experience programs such as this.
  • Virtual Piano I was able to play 2 Chain’s song “I’m different”  on the piano which is something that I’ve never been able to do before.  Reading music could be a thing of the past for people able to look past music being read as nonsensical words with this virtual piano site.

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