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Education World’s tips for technology and class management

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  • Tech based lesson planned?  Run through the lesson before hand.  This is a tip that is common across all lesson plans. The more hiccups in the lesson, the more distractions there will be.
  • The importance of going over respect rules, this is important regarding lab classes where students can listen to music/ work at their own pace.  Rules and guidelines such as make sure technology is away when someone is speaking.
  • Print out copy of step by step directions to navigate longer assignments even in the technology lab.
  • Key stroke cheat codes on a wire ring are helpful at all ages because these rule vary widely between software programs.
  • Students should be rewarded for teaching the instructor technology ideas to further class direction.

Other than the harvested tips mentioned above,  I found the website very much outdated and lacking in real shortcuts.  The shortcuts article was posted in 2013, but still uses cheats that require print offs and lamination.  It is a do it yourself teachers site that gives tips regarding all k-12 subjects. I do like some of these concepts that may be in an attempt to bridge the technological divide for younger students, but I don’t think that these would be as applicable at the high school level.  Kids are being exposed to new forms of technology in the classroom at a younger age than ever before.  Kansas middle school students are being given chrome books to be able to lead their own learning experiences.  This is something that creates a factor of intimidation for older teachers.  I think this is partly to blame for this website still being referenced and relevant.  I found this site through Pinterest as tool for teachers in computer lab settings.

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