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Online Tools – Unstuck

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I got the opportunity to present the online tool/ web app,  Unstuck that is almost a mediator between the teacher, the lesson, the learning, and the student.  It has tools within the web app or the downloadable app that help the student to manage their time more efficiently, get motivated, to solve everyday problems, content specific problems,  etc.  I registered for the free unstuck app and my issues today qualified me as an “ad liber” and that was my problem. So, it had me organize my day better to reach my short term goals and set up that visual chart for me and connected me with others experiencing issues with really similar specifics within my list of issues/obstacles.  I like that the tool is free as well as just as expansive as one can imagine if they are willing to pay the one time  subscription fee of $50.  This app considers personal and/or professional issues/ goals/ concerns/ and considerations.    Also, I learned that this page uses a “hamburger menu” in the upper left to navigate the main pages.

This is something that I would see as really practical for a homeroom class to all connect on.  A teacher would be able to track their student’s progress to see if they are meeting their even their shorter term goals and can also screen for only screen professional issues.  It is one way for teachers and students alike to connect and problem solve as a team.

Interactive Whiteboard

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A lot of the tools that are used in the IWB software are really similar to that of Microsoft’s paint and  Adobe’s Photoshop/ illustrator’s tools and layers . This was something that I had a weird interest/  connection toward.  However, One thing I really struggled with during this lesson was Pownell’s golden rule of always locking objects to prevent leaving your workspace cluttered.   I wasted some time in the process of learning this rule. Trying to arrange things on the same layer leaving them close together could be nearly impossible.

Something that I wish I had learned more about is the rubber band tool.  I like the concept of it, but am still somewhat unsure about how it could be put to use or maybe more cool examples of things that could be done with these tools.   I also really enjoyed the access of inserting math/game/etc.  tools.  This helps to involve the students in their own learning process and to see their own successes or to work as small teams within the classroom.

Dragging and dropping answers into containers to check and see if they’re correct or using different tools to accomplish the same task in a more efficient way, such as, using an eraser tool and layers rather than the magic reveal, or using the action browser to set certain shapes or images to be associated with a certain action to have students check answers, lead them back to the instructions page, etc.  These are all subjects within the iwb course foundation that I feel like I took away about a four and a half on a “Fist to Five” comfort scale.   I would like to spend more time learning this tool and getting to be more efficient with its use.