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SAMR Model – Product / Knowledge

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Substitution –  Early childhood,  Junior High, and even High School are able to reap the benefits of this technology, saving time and money. It is that of the Cricket paper cutter for  which can be used in the arts and crafts k-12 classroom. If the start up funds required for this gadget/ tool are nowhere to be found, it can be easily reverse substituted by its ancestor the foam paper punch stamps or a stencil set duo -ed with a pair of scissors and a 4b drawing pencil.

Augmentation – Electric Potter’s wheel could be used rather than a traditional kick wheel and are being used in universities nationwide. However, some traditionalists and peace seeking artists purposefully stray from the idea of an electric motorized pottery wheel.  This is supposedly due to its soft humming noise and seemingly fast speeds/ lack of control, but the electric wheel provides a steady and consistent speed for  building less accident prone throwing habits… oops techniques.  This example would be for that of the middle to high school and beyond range.

Modification – Group Messengers such as google classroom can be used to help students connect and dig deeper into specific art media.  They can build off one another’s ideas and trouble shoot together.  Only applicable for secondary, but could be used for teacher collaborative works/projects at all levels.

Using an Elmo or a camera with a telephoto lens  and an overhead projector would save a demonstration say when using water colors.  You would be able to see the detailed strokes that the instructor would be talking about. Students would be the demonstration from their seats while being able to keep up on their own projects rather than being huddled around the instructor’s table/desk.   The instructor is used to having to repeat a lesson for students that couldn’t see well and were easily distracted during a crowded demonstration with limited class time.  It is a more unifying version of a classroom demo and would be very useful at every grade level and even potentially at the collegiate level.  I personally love them because my vision has been rapidly decreasing and they can be very detailed which would be really useful in a special needs art class.

Redefinition-  Using Near Pod in a classroom to have students be able to interact with the lesson or screen share in a demo of a graphic design tool in adobe indesign.  These tools weren’t possible prior to the creation of these programs/software.

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