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Information Literacy

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This is in response to the Webpage Definition of Information Literacy.  The ever evolving, increasingly rich, and constant expansion of technology as well as knowledge justifies the proven importance and efficiency behind information literacy in the 21st century.  This idea and conversation behind information literacy  is necessary for a democratic, argumentative, and/or thoughtful community.  Information literacy is essential to the communication between a teacher and his or her students.  As an art educator there are many forms of art media that is directly linked to expanding on one another’s informative works in a community studio working environment.   After all education and the sharing of information is how we have gotten to our current state of technological advancements.

The studies behind information literacy in schools has shown that it is proven to lead to an increase in curiosity/ independent research amongst students.  This characteristic of being able to protect ones own ideas independently  at a young age is brought about by the confidence that comes with expansion of information.  Younger students would in turn begin considering the world’s gage of trustworthy sources.

With this use of practice and linking lectures to hands on tasks information helps student retention/gain ability in the most effective way.  These practices increase reliability between students and educators.  Students are more able to hold their educators accountable.  Recording student process in their growth of information makes them feel capable of his/ her own future success.  More specifically I would do this by showing them my web sources from the original artist’s page with his/her artist’s statement, mach job interviews, presentations, or by oral test.  Then having them record their own similar processes in finding and utilizing resources/inspiration.  Improvement books, expansion/ honing/ jigsaw groups,  and positive feedback/critique groups. These groups rely on one another’s information and are noticeably efficient in comparison to individual seat work.infoliteracy



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